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Heather complains about the camp and says she will call her parents to get her out of the show, only for Chris to show the contracts to the camera.

He also smirks at her smugly when Beth accidentally spits at her while greeting her.

Then, Chris laughs at Heather after Tyler crashes into the dock which makes one of the luggage fall into the water and causes a splash that soaks Heather.

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Later in the episode, after Chris tells the contestants that if they do not reach the finish line, they will not be allowed to eat; Heather says under her breath "I hate him so much! Chris admits when Justin is chosen over Heather for elimination for that night's challenge, particularly after Heather embarrasses Gwen in front of a national audience, that awarding Heather the final marshmallow is completely wrong.

When Chris and Chef leave the island, Heather doesn't believe there is a real killer and thinks it's all a stunt of him, which it is.

When the killer gets her, Chris taunts Heather for not following the horror-movies rules and showering alone, saying all of this, while she is still terrified from seeing "the killer".

After Izzy, the only contestant besides Heather who didn't complete the challenge, is eliminated, Chris teases Heather that she has yet to do a penalty for losing the challenge, which was announced earlier to be cleaning the communal washroom.

When the contestants realize they became castaways, Heather thinks it's just another one of Chris's sick challenges.

She tells in the confessional she's not scared by his challenge, while he says he's not scared of her.

When the final four contestants notice a fire near their new house, Heather suspects Chris again.

The relationship between Chris and Heather is one of the more heated conflicts between a host and a contestant; some of it is a result of their clashing egos.

On several occasions, Chris seems to show disapproval towards some of Heather's measures for victory and for taking control of the show, yet at the same time, he seems to help her out in slight ways in order to keep her in the competition, because of her strength as an antagonist.


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