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"I’d want to see them, just hug it out and feel that energy that we had when we were f***ing young and hungry and all that shit." The other members of Slipknot have not responded to any of Jordison's claims.

Even with Slipknot adjuncts such as Stone Sour tooling around the country, the group is at work on its next album -- and first project since the shocking May death of bassist Paul Gray.

"It's already in motion," drummer Joey Jordison, who has canceled his band Murderdolls' Violent Night, Deadly Night tour slated to begin Dec.

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"It's going to be a little interesting," he acknowledges, "but I think it's gonna be a healing process for all of us. On stage, however, "we'll have a bass player that's right next to me, to the right behind the stage, to lock in with me.

But there's no one right now who will go on stage." Murderdolls, meanwhile, hope to reschedule the canceled tour dates in 2011 and said in a statement that, "These decisions are never easy to make, and we did everything we could to keep from having to cancel, but this was unavoidable... " The cancelation hasn't dampened Jordison's enthusiasm for the group's new album, "Women and Children Last," however.

"I consider this to be the first Murderdolls record," Jordison notes.

The ex-Slipknot drummer, who was fired from the band in 2013, opened up about the details surrounding his departure.

Jordison and the band had remained silent, citing "personal reasons," for leaving. All I got was a stupid f***ing email saying I was out of the band that I busted my ass my whole life to f***ing create." "That's exactly what happened and it was hurtful.

Last week, he revealed that he was battling a neurological disorder called transverse myelitis, which left him unable to play drums. I didn't deserve that s*** after what I'd done and everything I'd been through," he continued.

He was forced to be carried out onstage to perform towards the end of his time with Slipknot. Despite his anger over his firing, he still loves the guys in Slipknot and realizes their misunderstanding about his condition.

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Jordison described how Slipknot handled his dismissal from the band. "They got confused about my health issues and obviously even I didn't know what it was at first.

They thought I was f***ed up on drugs, which I wasn't at all." "I've been through so many things with those guys and I love them very much.

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