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The division of this group from the mint officials of the preceding Table X period (142-125 BC) is securely established by two big hoards buried very close together in time, Riccia (3,235 Roman coins) and Maserà (1,204). Among the most important of these is the use of the denarius stamp with cross-bar (), which is common to all but one of the 27 denarius types from Ti. The stamp is also present on the first type missing from both Riccia and Maserà, the very small Acilius Balbus issue (Cr271, 20 obverse dies), while the simple X mark returns on the big emission struck by Q.The latter is missing only three denarius types back as far as C. Minucius Augurinus (Cr243, ca.135 BC) to Porcius Laeca (Cr270). Fabius Labeo (Cr273),, 65) and this inferior style further unites the Table XI group already firmly distinguished by the hoard evidence of Riccia and Maserà.

But it notably omits Acilius Balbus who is fixed before Labeo by his use of the stamp.

That illustrates an important matter about hoard evidence: the smaller emissions (in this case 20 obverse dies) often get left out.

In Crawford's earlier book, as mentioned, Acilius Balbus is registered at the top of Table XI with single pieces in 8 of the 27 hoards (including Sierra Morena), and two coins in Otiva and Maddaloni. MAX coin but lacked any of the similar and even smaller emissions of C.

The sole type absent from the really big Riccia hoard, Q. SERVEIL (Cr264, 22 obverse dies; 1 coin in Riccia), M.

AVF RVS (Cr227, 6 obverse dies, 2 pieces in Riccia), and L.

ATILI NOM (Cr225, 5 obverse dies, 1 coin in Riccia).

So when an issue gets as small as about 20 extant obverse dies its appearance in hoards becomes irregular and flukey.

Fabius Labeo is also very well dated by Crawford to 124 BC, since his large silver production is properly aligned with the censura of 125-24 BC, when the great public works and services contracts were issued and had to be paid for.

But problems arise where the hoard evidence thins out or ceases.

For the Table XI lists the comprehensive or unifying duties of Riccia and Maserà are taken over by the smaller but still substantial Otiva and Sierra Morena Hoards (1,315 and 617 Roman silver coins respectively).

The first hoard in Table XI, Lucoli (184 coins) adds only Fabius Labeo (2 pieces) to the Table X types, confirming the earlier hoard and stylistic evidence.


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