Wow focus intimidating shout

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It is an Ao E fear effect shout ability which causes the target to become incapacitated for 8 seconds, although any damage will break the effect.

It also causes up to 5 additional enemies within 8 yards to flee in fear for 8 seconds.

The tooltip suggests that this ability causes up to 5 nearby mobs to 'cower' in fear; where, in contrast, the shout only causes the targeted mob to 'cower', whilst up to 5 total nearby enemies will 'flee'.

All of these patch 7.0 Fury Warrior Macros have been tested and are currently working for patch 7.0.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the Macros please let me know. For more advanced ones Click Here For an Addon With Premade 7.0 Macros Click your normal keybinding and you will cast Spell Reflection.

Hold “alt” and click your keybind to cast Die by the Sword.

(“shift” and “ctrl” can be substituted for alt if they fit your playstyle better) Hey guys, I’ve been receiving many emails asking for custom macros.

I recently was looking at the description of Glyph of Intimidating Shout, and wanted to make sure it actually does what I think before I buy one.

To my noob eyes, having all affected mobs "trembling in place" by a shout effectively equals a group stun, but I get the feeling that either I'm totally wrong or there's something else that happens with it. Any damage they take will break the fear though, so it's not quite a stun.

Could someone clarify what exactly would happen if I were to use this in a dungeon? Still as long as your DPS is all on one target, it's a pretty nifty cooldown for emergency CC.

Intimidating Shout is a level 70 Arms and Fury ability.

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