Xiao xun and xiao yu dating

A Rather Large Cello (比較大的大提琴) (bi jiao da de da ti qin) 7.

In this album Jay Chou presents a variety of music styles, everything from rap to opera, giving each style his own unique twist.

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Xiao xun and xiao yu dating

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As promised Jay Chou meets you at the end of the world which never was.

Ends Of The Earth Passing Traveler (天涯過客) (tian ya guo ke) 5. Recited All In One Breath (一口氣全唸對) (yi kou qi quan nian dui) 7. The Handwritten Past (手寫的從前) (shou xie de cong qian) 9. Listen To Father's Words (聽爸爸的話) (ting ba ba de hua) 11. Hearing The Sound Of Rain Falling (聽見下雨的聲音) (ting jian xia yu de sheng yin)Jay Chou's 12th album, everything about the album is linked to the number 12, from the title to the number of tracks.

What Kind Of Man Are You (算什麼男人) (suan shen me nan ren) 4. Eunuchs Tend To Have Headaches (公公偏頭痛) (gong gong pian tou tong) 4.

In this album he tries some new styles bringing a completely fresh and new side that listeners have not heard before. Jay Chou wants to tell you the story of the battle between the Magician and the Joker. Give Me The Time For One Song (給我一首歌的時間) (gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian) 3.

A celebration of the incredible music this amazing artist has produced over the last decade. With the theme of magic, cards figure significantly in the design of the album, from the first promotional poster to inspiration behind songs.

The World's Not Over Yet (世界未末日) (shi jie wei mo ri) 10. Super Sports Goddess (超跑女神) (chao pao nü shen)Jay Chou's long awaited 10th album that coincides with his 10th year in the music business. Superman Can't Fly (超人不會飛) (chao ren bu hui fei)Jay Chou's ninth studio album, for the first time ever Jay Chou combines his interest in magic with his beloved music, the result is a fantastic album. Where's The Promised Happiness (說好的幸福呢) (shuo hao de xing fu ne) 7. This album more than any other reflects Jay Chou's life.

Healing Roast Meat Dumplings (療傷燒肉粽) (liao shang shao rou zong) 7. Sailors Afraid Of Water (水手怕水) (shui shou pa shui) 9. Free Instructional Video (免費教學錄影帶) (mian fei jiao xue lu ying dai) 5. It Rains All Night (雨下一整晚) (yu xia yi zheng wan) 7. Directed And Acted By Yourself (自導自演) (zi dao zi yan) 11. However he still persists with his own style for the rest of the album.

My Emotions Are In Bits And Pieces (我落淚。情緒零碎) (wo luo lei. Love's Flight Diary (愛的飛行日記) (ai de fei xing ri ji) 10. For the first time he experiments with country music, using it in his title track "Cowboy Is Very Busy".

Fragrance Of Rice (稻香) (dao xiang)Jay Chou's eighth album, this album marks a significant change in style for Jay Chou.

Dandelion's Promise (蒲公英的約定) (pu gong ying de yue ding) 6.

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